Norwegian Hitchgathering Details

Hitchgathering in Norway 2016
The Hitchgathering 2016 is happening near Oslo, Norway.

More precisely around a small lake called Trollvanna, 15km south of Oslo city center.

Official Start is 7th of August, but early birds are welcome to set basic stuff up. See photos from the location.

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Location & how to get there

Coordinates: 59°49’54.7″N 10°52’59.3″E or 59.831861, 10.883139

There are other lakes with the same name. The one we are going to be gathering at is south of Oslo, in the vicinity of Lille Stensrud.

The forest paths aren’t on Google Maps. The paths are marked, so it is not such a huge deal. OpenStreetMaps have everything, as usual.

By bus from Oslo

To get there, you can take the green bus number 550, platform 16 at the bus station.Bus costs 30kr (3 euro aprox.) for adults and 15kr (1,50 euro aprox) for children. Remember to buy your ticket at the bus station or it will cost you 50kr (aprox. 5 euro!) from the bus driver. You can use the children ticket safely, only in case of a control you’ll get a fine, but unless you live in Norway it should be no problem.
Bus runs every hour sharp from 7am to 12pm monday to monday with some night buses during weekends (around 2am and 4am).

Stop name is Hanåveien (coordinates 59.823578, 10.872815).

See information on Bus and public transportation of Oslo.


And of course, you can hitch directly there, specially if you come from the south trough the E6, ask to be left at the exit number 27 to get to road 155 (also called Enebakkveien), then you are at a walking distance from Trollvanna.

Walk to the lake from the road

This route is the default one. It is slightly longer than the alternative, but it doesn’t go near people’s house.

First, get to the bus stop “Hanåveien” either by bus or by hitching (on coordinates 59.823578, 10.872815),

That’s the bus stop. You can see the dirt road you need to take on the left.

Walk up the dirt road for 100m. To your left you see a forest path.

Look at the tree to the left. There’s a blue mark on it. That’s where you go into the forest.

The path is signaled all the way to the hitchgathering by  light blue markers on trees. Follow them for about 20 minutes until you find the lake. Here’s a closeup of the marks you must follow.


Alternative path

There is an alternative road which is shorter as its through a proper road and not a path, if you want to try it out, get out of the bus a bit earlier at Store Stensrud stop, walk back a bunch of meters and walk up Enebakkveien road, beware that most roads around the area are called like that, be sure you understand which one (the one that starts right in front of the welding and car repair shop). Walk the road up to the FOD (Dog shelter) and follow the blue marks through the forest until you reach the lake. You’ll have to cross a fenced sheep pen. Don’t forget to close the gates behind you.

How can I help?

You can come a few days earlier to set up the place.

Consider bringing some of the following items when possible:

  • Rain gear (necessary)
  • Big water containers
  • Tarps
  • Rope
  • If you smoke, bring enough tobacco. Its really expensive here, even if you don’t smoke, consider bringing some and sell at fair price or give away to poor smokers, they will appreciate it!

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See you there!