Hitchgathering 2016 location proposals wanted

Wanted: location proposals!
Where: Europe’ish.
When: Early August (why?)
Requirements: enough of space for 200-300 people to camp for free for several weeks. Drinkable water, swimmable water and a shop/market in reasonable distance. Hitchable location. Possible to make fire. Can be a back country spot, a farm, relatively calm beach and heck it has been held even in city parks before. Non restrictive land (possible to drink, be nude etc).
Not required: electricity, housing, picnic tables etc comforts.

See locations of previous gatherings.

To suggest a location

  • Basically we would need someone who is willing to organise the place a bit (check the location, ask for permissions, make sure we can dig shitpits etc).
  • Please add coordinates with the spot you want to propose, so its easy to just look it up on a map. (To get coordinates on Google maps: right click, what’s here, then copy paste the numbers.).
  • Tell us who owns the land and if we could get a permission to camp there for several weeks.
  • Just drop info about any location you might know, don’t be shy if you’re not sure if it’s suitable spot. We’ll figure that out.

Most of the discussion goes on at the Facebook group, but totally feel free to post comments below.