Hitchgathering 2016 in Norway

800px-Flag_of_Norway.svgHello lovely hitchhiking crowd,

the Hitchgthering 2016 will take place in Norway this year and you are all invited to stick out your thumbs and join us for a good time. “Official start” is the first weekend of August.

A pre-gathering is gonna happen in Sakniava, Lithuania the first days of August.

The place is a nice lake near Oslo, we will have some fishing possibilities and hopefully a awesome dumpster diving time. Please check the Hitchwiki page for more details.

We would ask if some of you would have time for the Seedcamp group. Means you arrive a couple of days earlier, hang out there and set up the place for the arriving crowd. As you might know the HG is completely self organised, so everyone is welcome to help and give a hand or some extra time. Thanks in advance and see you there!

Because offline it is the most beautiful! :)

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